Preparations for the World Equestrian Games are running perfectly

From the lofty heights, it was best to see on Tuesday evening why there was such a crowd at the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein (“ALRV”): “WM” could be read on the warm up area. 

Not painted or shaped with the lawnmower in the meadow. Instead, around sixty domestic and foreign guests had readjusted the championship letters in front of the riding arena of the show jumping stadium. Only three hundred days have passed since this major equestrian event took place in Aachen’s Soers, and representatives from 24 of the 50 participating nations had come to the old imperial city to find out about the current status of the preparations. At the so-called “Chefs de Mission” meeting: the respective chefs of the individual disciplines and the team captains of all disciplines. At the World Championships from August 20 to September 3, 2006 in Aachen, medals in jumping, in dressage, in driving, in eventing, in vaulting Reining (Westerndressur) as well as in distance riding. “There will certainly be competitions that will be remembered,” enthused Will Connell, Chef de Mission UK, for example. “Most of it is already prepared anyway. The jumping stadium is fantastic, the cross-country course has become outstanding. «

For many responsible persons it was their first visit to Aachen or at least to the ALRV tournament area, which has been completely refurbished in recent months – the place where the World Equestrian Festival, the CHIO Aachen, is held every year. And so special attention was paid to the sports venues, which will fight for the title next year. But also practical questions were the focus: in which hotels can the athletes be accommodated, what about the stabling of the horses, the accreditations of the participants or the parking facilities in the Soers? Which prize money will be awarded, and what are possible arrival and departure dates? »However, this exchange of ideas was also immensely important for our own planning,« said ALRV Managing Director Frank Kemperman. Even if the 1. May is only the official closing date for the respective nations – already today, most of the responsible people can estimate how many athletes want to send them. Crucial aspects for the host, who organizes, among other things, the accommodation and meals. And as good-humored as the equestrian experts left, it should be both perfectly planned and happy title fights.