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1. Provincial class: First game for St.Vith on Sunday (2.30pm) against Blégny 
Luck on, the climber comes to the RFC 
While in the 1st provincial class the top match in Faymonville has been canceled this weekend (see above), upstarts RFC St .Vith tomorrow (14.30) Entente Blégnytoise. Blégny – so …


Australian Open: Belgian opening duel between Kristof Vliegen and Christophe Rochus 
Finals between Henin and Clijsters in Melbourne possible 
A repeat of the 2004 Australian Open final between Justine Henin-Hardenne and Kim Clijsters is also possible this year. This resulted in the draw made yesterday in Melbourne for 

To Göhl and Iter

Municipality of Raeren has already given a positive opinion 
Hotel with 80 rooms at the new border crossing The Raeren mayor shines: The Accor Group has decided to invest in the motorwayborder crossing 
Lichtenbusch and to build an Etap hotel. The municipality of Raeren already has a positive …

Eifel · Ardennes

Development of the new industrial area requires extensive earthworks 
Attention! Danger of slipping through mud on Kaiserbaracke It is well known that shavings occur when 
planing is done. Modified to the current construction site on Kaiserbaracke the saying could say something like: where is dug, there is dirt. Well, who at the moment …

Eifel · Ardennes

Ministry of Interior has decided: 15 officials to Prüm – future service before conversion 
Federal Border Guard establishes location in district office 
After months of discussions, it is official! The Federal Police – formerly Federal Border Guard – will move with this year with fifteen officials in the old district office in Prüm. This pleasing …

Eupen land

Local section shows honorary mayor the cold shoulder 
Evers’ chair at PFF list definitely in front of the door 
Now it is official: honorary mayor Fred Evers will not get in the next local election on the list of PFF the desired second place. The result: He does not interfere with the …